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Dessert First

Going out for lunch or dinner with friends is always fun and entertaining, especially when you order your dessert first. Yes, this happens and its one of my favourite things to do. Not all the time but on the occasions, it has happened it’s the best first course.

I say enjoy your dessert, then eat the rest of your meal when you’re finished. Think of it as a pallet cleanser that prepares your mouth for the next level of entertainment, after some good laughs of course. Because let’s be honest. Are you going to eat that left over? Chances are no. However. That leftover pasta or stuffed chicken is a hit in your lunch bag for work the next day.

We all take left overs home, so when your full simply take the remainder of your meal home and go about your day happy knowing you got to have your cake and eat it too.
Make life sweeter and eat dessert first!

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