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Baking with Vayda

Its one thing to bake with anyone but for me being able to bake with my sister meant the world to me. Growing up we didn’t have a lot of time together with different living arrangements, so when we got together it was the best but unfortunately, it would always go by to fast.

It was the summer of 2016 with me living in the Toronto area my little sister flew in from northern British Columbia and came to the big city. So surprise the family is all together and its mom’s birthday, my sister and I get busy in the kitchen thinking of what kind of cake to make. She obsessed with dragons so we figured that would be the best. Baking with my sister was an enjoyable moment I’ll never forget, just watching her really take in everything I was showing her, I gleamed with happiness.

When you have a chance to bake with anyone that’s in your life takes that chance and do so. Whether it takes you a few hours or the whole day the experience and feelings you get with that individual is just as rewarding as you place the last finishing touch on your masterpiece.

Not only did we create this kick-ass dragon pull apart cupcake cake we did it together and coming from a person who tells herself she can’t cook or bake she really made me proud. She listened, watched and then she conquered!

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