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Kitchen Aid

In my opinion, every baker deserves and must have a Kitchen Aid mixer at least once in their life, whether they bake every day or once in awhile.

I remember my first experience with a Kitchen Aid mixer, I was very young and living with my Grandma Betty. We were always in the kitchen or outside picking fruit, some of my best childhood moments were with grandma.

Grandma was teaching me how to make sausages, and we were using her Kitchen Aid Mixer it’s incredible how many different tools it comes with, and you can buy for it. I recommend them, trust me guys when you can make everything your self it just tastes so much better, plus its enjoyable.

I don’t recall all the steps as this was years ago but I do remember those specials moments I had with her and my very first introduction to my later to come favourite kitchen tool.

I bought my first Kitchen Aid mixer in 2016 off one of my favourite sites, Varage Sale. With my love for garage sales, bargains, and so forth that was my go to, I was more addicted to that site than any social media, I furnished my house with a lot of excellent finds… one of those my first Kitchen Aid Mixer.

Oh, how happy I was to find this, I remember scrolling down, and it fell on my screen I wanted to cry with joy. I contacted the buyer right away with all my questions, to find out it was a wedding gift that they never used it’s been sitting in the box for almost a year now, and with a baby, on the way, they decided to sell far below asking price in the store. The icing on the cake, it was Red! One of the hardest colour to find in stores, so I locked in with the buyer, and quick as possible went and picked her up. I never told anyone before, but she was my Betty.

That was the beautiful thing it almost felt like my grandma who passed away years ago was baking with me again. With this past Christmas, I was gifted a new mixer, what’s better than one you ask, the power of two! I now have Red & White in the kitchen with me, and I couldn’t be any happier.

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