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The beginning of a journey

Growing up I was always eating and sneaking all the treats my mom was making, her baking was my favorite especially her banana bread. Yummy in my tummy, to this day she still makes the best banana bread in my opinion. January 2015 my life took a turn and changed, with being given the greatest ultimatum I feel I could ever get I was stuck in between losing everything I had or going and getting help. Yes, my name is Lorraine and I’m an alcoholic. So that was it I was on a plane and heading o Edmonton where I did a 6 week, 2-3 meetings a day, emotional rollercoaster ride scared I had already lost everything I had.

Six weeks passed along with my 27th birthday and I was happy to be on my way back home. Six weeks sober I was scared and thrilled at the same time, here comes another rollercoaster.

Being back home was the greatest feeling, being in my own bed and going to my own kitchen again I was feeling great and happy I was home… so I thought. Within 36 hours of me being home I missed a phone call from my brother where later the next morning I would learn I was going back out west.. to bury my brother, yet again another rollercoaster…

Long story short my brother was laid to rest, leaving behind 2 children, a wife, brothers, sisters, and family, we said our final goodbyes and tried our best to move forward, with me going back to Toronto and my family staying in B.C we all tried to find peace.

I lost a lot of weight from not drinking and losing my brother and from that is when my health issues started, back pain. From doctor apt to the hospital I was given far too many painkillers that did not help when all I wanted was answers. What was going on?

So while I waited for my MRI I remembered a fellow friend of mine told me, she and her girlfriend did a course at Michael’s Craft Store for cake decorating and decided why not I love to bake. So there it was I went to Michael’s signed up and started baking in the kitchen more than I ever did before. The excitement helped ease the pain I was experiencing not only physically but emotionally and I was able to find joy within myself again. I found my happy place and it was within the comfort of my home, it was perfect.

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